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1How Contract Hire works

Contract Hire, cars or vans is quite straight forward. you select the make and model of vehicle you want including any options or additional extras, then decide how long you want contract hire period to run, and confirm your annual mileage, choose whether or not to include Maintenance in the contract hire agreement. Adding Full Maintenance to your vehicle contract means budgeting for vehicle costs can be fairly precise and spreads the cost throughout the contract period and the invoices are all handled by the leasing company. Road Tax is usually included for the duration of the Contract Hire.

2Van Leasing

Van Leasing works in a very similar way to Car Leasing, and it is possible for you to obtain a van lease on most types of vans and commercial vehicles. Van Leasing is very cost effective for businesses, particularly from a tax and VAT perspective. Why tie up valuable working capital by purchasing vehicles when a van lease only requires a small initial outlay.

3What is Van Contract Hire?

Van Contract Hire, is simply the hiring of a vehicle for an agreed period of time for a fixed monthly rental. A Van Contract Hire is usually for 2-4 years, after which contract hire vehicles are returned to the Leasing Company and subject to condition and mileage there is no further committment


“Whichever way you look at it, the Ford Transit is a massive vehicle for Ford and the van market as a whole. It’s massive in terms of the reach and recognition of the Transit brand, it’s massive in terms of its on-going dominance of the UK panel van segment and today’s all-new model is bigger than ever in the metal too. Read more:


“The new model is part of a 24-month renewal of Ford’s entire commercial vehicle range for Europe. The Ford Transit (with no adornment to the name) comes to market alongside International Van of the Year winners for 2013 and 2014, the Ford Transit Custom (one-tonne model) and Ford Transit Connect, with the Ford Transit Courier also to be launched next year.”

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